Where to start? Firstly her name is quite long to write, so for the rest of this post I’ll be referring to her as ‘Vicky’. ‘Vicky’ is probably the most annoying female in Britain. She is worshipped throughout the world, and has been for years. Why? She’s not funny, she’s not pretty, she’s got no appeal. I hate her stand up, it has a horrible style and the jokes aren’t funny, though she still laughs at them. Every time I see her on stage I just want to tie her hands behind her back! “Keep your hands still woman!” Every time I hear her doing a voice over in an advert, it just puts me off the product completely. Pretty much every program she’s ever written has been totally awful and pretty much unwatchable.

‘Vicky’ actually turned down an offer to be in Not The Nine O’Clock News, thank god for that! That would of destroyed a good show. Instead she decided to do Wood & Walters, this didn’t take off to well. I do feel however the untimely death of Peter Eckersley may have contributed to this somewhat. Following this she moved to the BBC and created the awful ‘Victoria Wood – As Seen On TV’. This brought us the well known ‘Two Soups’ sketch. It’s not particularly funny, but I suppose it has potential to be her best, as she’s not actually in it. I want people to have their own opinion, so I will add the ‘2 soups’ sketch to this page further down. People rave about it, but when you compare it to classics such as The Two Ronnies – ‘Four Candles’, or Monty Pythons – ‘Dead Parrot’ it just doesn’t live up to them.

Of course ‘Vicky’ wrote ‘Dinnerladies’, which is just horrible. It’s not funny, the characters don’t draw you in, and it’s set in a canteen. The very first person we see in episode 1 is of course Duncan Preston, who else? The opening music is dreary, as is the so called ‘comedy’ that follows. It’s so difficult to find bad reviews for Dinnerladies though, but there’s a few here. The ‘acting’ is extremely heavily scripted, which probably means she didn’t have much faith in the actors abilities. Of course a show by ‘Vicky’ would be incomplete without Julie Walters popping up, which she does, unfortunately. She plays ‘Vickys’ mum, who is easily one of the worst sitcom characters ever. She’s more annoying than usual, and the jokes written for her are appalling. The fact Walters is once again an old lady, makes me think they’re trying to recreate the part she played in the ‘Two Soups’ sketch. The whole show is full of poor one liners, and generally unfunny talking.

It’s her stand up that really does it for me though. She just isn’t funny!

Overall as you can tell I don’t like Victoria Wood.

Two Soups:


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