For some bizarre reason Miranda Hart seems to be loved by the people of Britain. I just don’t get it! How can so many people like her generally unfunny, badly performed, over acted ‘comedy’. She also likes to talk to the camera during scenes, which is a fucking crime in my book. There’s so many things I don’t like about the strange shaped woman.

‘Miranda’ the BBC sitcom is about as funny as waking up and realising your house has been burgled, and next doors dog has had a shit on your door step. Miranda’s character is just based on her being a total odd-ball, something we are already accustomed to. Her asides to the camera just are a painful reminder that she doesn’t believe in the script, or the audience. A lot of the time the asides are basically just reminding us where the jokes are, in case we missed them. The jokes and slapstick are just very poor, and highlight the fact that TV sitcom has become ‘simple’.

In an interview Miranda told Radio Times “Comedy is so subjective…I mean there’s some comedy on at the moment which makes me furious – I don’t understand why people like them because I hate them so much.”. Amen to that Miranda. I do generally think she is a smart woman, and has fallen into this ‘unfunny trap’.

I think Miranda may be a ‘ladies comedienne’. It seems that only women find her funny, and sometimes I wonder if they actually find her funny, or they feel they have to. The world of comediennes is a small one, and for good reasoning. Just like breast feeding is for women, I feel making comedy is for men. I couldn’t possibly not mention Victoria Wood at this point. (Page on her coming soon).

This preview of an episode of Miranda shows pretty much all the reasons not to like it. The horrible asides, in case I actually thought she’d been on lots of dates. Followed swiftly by a very badly acted fall. Well done if you last the whole 1:54.

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