There’s so much not to like about Keith Lemon or Leigh Francis as he’s actually called. I understand that the character is supposed to be unorthodox, rude and a bit of a knob, but it’s just gone to far. He even made a film which I can’t bare to watch. I saw comments on Facebook saying “Just seen Keith Lemon movie, it’s fucking shit”, really? How could you have gone to the Cinema to see ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’ and expected it to be anything other than total tosh.

Then there’s ‘Celebrity Juice’. This does have its amusing moments, but there’s a lot of cringe-worthy bits in there too. It’s mostly tired jokes, such as Fearne Cottons nostrils, and ‘Holly Willoughbooby’. There’s not much new material in there. I think the whole Keith Lemon thing is just getting a bit old now. Rufus Hound obviously got bored part way through, though I don’t blame him he spent most of his time quietly looking embarrassed to be there! They even stretched to giving X-Factor throwaway family members John & Edward a part in the show. As if Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) isn’t bad enough, he teams up with Jedward for Keith Vs Jedward. This horrible feature usually shows Keith and one of Jedward topless doing some ridiculous challenge, that really shows what twats the three of them are. Afterwards the ‘panelists’ have to decide which one will win – who cares? Celebrity Juice sometimes leaves me crying, unfortunately I’m not crying with laughter. It is cute though that ITV made a panel show for people who wouldn’t understand any other existing panel show, all it takes is ‘celebrities’ and some secondary school humor and even Wayne Rooney can understand. At the end of the day how good can a panel show be, when the host has to get his dick out for a cheap laugh?

He also did LemonAid, a shit show that gave away a puppy as a prize. That kicked up a bit of a fuss, you should see some of the comments posted HERE. I really don’t think I can say anything else about LemonAid, other than post that link.

To summarise Keith Lemon or Leigh Francis, whatever I call you – You’re a bell end.

What better clip to post than this Keith Vs Jedward. Enjoy cringing your way through this…


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