After a lengthy hiatus from this site I thought I’d return with these oxygen thieves, having returned home to find my other half watching them on TV this week. They’re just some of the worst people imaginable. If I was stuck on a desert island with this family I would happily volunteer to be the one who gets eaten, anything for a quick escape.

I will add that this article may not be factually correct at all, or it may be entirely. It is based on what I saw in 20 minutes of an episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

So this family are famous for ummm oh yes their dad was OJ Simpson’s lawyer, and he is now ummm oh yes – dead. So why in the world is there now a program following the still living members of his family around, and why does it include their step family? More importantly why do people watch it? They could cut the length of each episode in half if they just allowed people to watch the atrocity, but they don’t! They continuously cut to one of the family members who tells you what has just happened. In a piece I witnessed this week Kim 1 was arguing with Kim 2 (I don’t know their names apart from her so that will have to do) and it then cut to a monologue of Kim 2 explaining how pissed off she was at Kim 1, after we’d just seen the footage of her being pissed off with Kim 1. Then it cuts to Kim 3 who heard Kim’s 1 & 2 arguing all the way from the west wing (no this is not where Kanye lives – well it might be who knows?).

You see I’m the kind of person who asks lots of questions when a TV show I don’t know is on, which is great as it annoys whoever is watching it. There was a guy in this particular episode who’s name I don’t know so we’ll call him Man 1. I asked my OH who Man 1 was and it turns out he is one of the Kim’s ex’s. What?! So he’s no longer anything to do with Kim 1, 2 or 3 but is still in the program? There’s also the mother Kris they have a thing about the letter ‘K’ don’t they? The mother isn’t a Kardashian she’s a Jenner, Jenner’s are like Kardashian klones (see what I did there?). They are half Kardashian and half Jenner. I’m sure you all of  you have heard the name Jenner somewhere over the last year. The father of the Jenner klan (I did it again) is Bruce Jenner, however as I’m sure everyone knows, he’s now a she and is called Caitlyn. I cannot believe he/she passed up the opportunity of another ‘K’ there! Anyway I don’t know why but I think the Kardashians/Jenners all live together in a sort of Big Brother house, or it seemed like that for the 20 minutes I saw anyway. They mainly argued about things that I didn’t understand or what to wear to a red carpet event. I don’t know why they keep getting invited to these events but they do. Kim 3 was livid because Kim 1 wore a dress that was really similar to hers, the bitch how dare she? I imagine that they have to involve Caitlyn in these clothing rows to now, how will they cope?

Kanye apparently has nothing to do with this program, which I think says everything you need to know. If Kanye ‘I’m a twat’ West wants nothing to do with it then it must be awful. The man who thinks he’s god, thinks he can run for president, and calls his children North and Saint is embarrassed to be on this program. In fact, the more I write about them I’m also beginning to get embarrassed so I may have to stop here.


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