I just don’t know where to start with this total bell end. He’s completely deluded and of course everybody except Manchester United fans can see it. I’d love to have a gallery of all the faces he pulls, he has quite a range of pissed off ones. He hates Manchester United losing, and most of the time it’s anybody’s fault but their own! I look forward to Manchester United losing, or having somebody sent off, just so I can see his after-match press talks.

There was the time RVP had a ball kicked at his head. It’s not like you’re usually at risk from being hit from a ball during a match, or anything. In his usual wonder Ferguson commented “he’s lucky to be alive”. Fuck off! Then he has the balls to complain about the referee, as United only drew the game with Swansea. He will never cease to amaze me! He mentions the ref being young, obviously too young to be on Uniteds payroll! I have two versions of this interview, I assume from different channels. In the second one it’s changed to “he could have been killed”. Ashley Williams 10 points to you! Shame it wasn’t Fergusons head.

He’s quite easily annoyed, is Sir Alex. Even the BBC managed to piss him off, he boycotted them for years. Having written this I’ve probably blown my chances of an interview with him, I bet I’ll get left with his bald assistant! When you see Mike Phelan, it usually means United have lost or Ferguson’s busy kicking boots at players again… The third video below shows his interview after United dropped out the Champions League to Real Madrid. Phil states he’s only there because Ferguson was “to distraught” to come out.

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