I’m sure many of you spend many hours on social networking sites. Don’t deny it, lying’s a sin. I’m personally not a big fan of social networking at all, it’s bad for society and it’s bad for your health. One of the main reasons the developed world is getting fatter, is the internet. 15 years ago if you wanted to meet someone new, you had to leave the house (or phone a sex line). Thanks to social networking, everybody knows what everybody’s doing, and no one has actually left the sofa. In 30 years time children will ask their parents how they met, and mummy and daddy will reply with “Facebook”. People live their lives around social networking and it’s very scary. If someone goes out for a posh meal now, it’s more important to show everyone a photo on Instagram, than it is to enjoy the moment. It’s common practice for peoples phones to be out on the table at meal times now, so they’ll see updates flash on the screen.

People don’t seem to realise the precious time they’ve wasted, just seeing how other people are filling their time. The average ‘Facebook check’ takes 2 minutes, and is done about once an hour. In a 37 hour working week thats 74 minutes. That’s over an hour of work time per week just seeing what other people are doing, funnily enough most of them are at work. A huge majority of Facebook & Twitter users check their feeds first thing when they wake up, before they check the news! In context that means that it’s more important to todays society to know whose hungover, rather than the important events occurring in the world, they live their half lives in.

People need to get up, and get out the house. Go and meet real people not virtual friends. I know people with 2000 Facebook friends, yeh that must be a pretty packed local pub when you and ‘your mates’ go out. As we spend more time on these weak online connections, we actually lose the physical friendships we have in ‘real life’. If you have a friend, whose updates you see on Facebook everyday, but you haven’t met in a few years – you’re not friends! You’re simply holding onto an ever weakening ‘connection’. There’s nothing more valuable in life than going out with real friends!

Then there’s children. How can we expect our children to grow up in a safe world away from online danger, when they’re online before they even have the choice! We are posting pictures of babies onto Facebook when they’re a day old! By the time the kid is old enough to have a Facebook account there’s 3000 photos of them on it! Their first word, their first dinner, their first tooth, there first smile. It’s sickening, some of the things people upload for the world to see. If I ever have a child, the last thing on my mind when he say’s his first word will be “I must tell Facebook”. Some families are now just social network orientated.

Wise up, enjoy the moment and forget about everybody else. As long as you and the people around you are happy, you’ll never need the internet or social networks. In my opinion at the end of the day it boils down to insecurity. Some people only feel secure when they tell everybody what they’re doing. The thing is most of us aren’t saying “awwhhhh”, we’re saying “fuck off, we don’t care about your private life”. If you love your partner, tell them. Don’t write it on their Facebook!!

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