Here’s a picture of my dinner #Dinner #Potatoes #Carrots #Plate #Gravy #Instadaily #photooftheday #picoftheday

Get Fucked. Are you that desperate for people to see your dinner? I’d like to say “do you think anyone cares?” but the problem is they do! Instagram has millions of users that simply want to post their own lives, and view other peoples. Todays society really does run a “pics or it didn’t happen” policy. I’m going to sign up to Instagram and simply take a picture of my shit and post it, see how many likes you saddo’s give it.

Hashtag culture seems to be taking over everywhere, even Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon now. With things like Twitter I do understand hashtags, and the way it combines posts on the same subject. It’s actually a useful idea, being able to search for one thing and finding millions of peoples individual views on it. But things like Instadaily and Picoftheday? You attention seeking pieces of excrement. The ONLY reason you’d use these hashtags is to get attention, to get more people that you don’t even know to see your dinner/outfit/car/tan lines etc etc. Why do people feel the need to photograph everything they do, and show others? It’s simple – they do it to boast and show off. “ohh look at me on the beach sunbathing” and “I’ll stick a bit of leg in to get more attention”. I hate everything about this service. They now offer a video sharing service too. So now we can see millions of shit videos, as well as photos. Why Instagram, why?

Apart from it’s entire existence, there is something that annoys me even more. People spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds to buy smart phones with high quality cameras, and then use Instagram to apply a filter that makes the photo look like it was taken on the worlds worst camera. It really does show the level of intelligence some people have. The uploaded image quality on Instagram is awful, what’s the point? What’s the point in anything anymore?

Just incase you can’t think of enough hashtags for your photos, there’s a website full of them. It’s even divided into categories, come on? For fuck sakes. The website is called ‘tagstagram’ it’s here. It even has an app!!! I just cannot comprehend how some thing the same species as me can actually use this.

If you’ve ever seen this message before, then you are an Oxygen thief. What that message should say is “Get a fucking grip, and stop using ridiculous hashtags you complete waste of human flesh”.

Too many hashtags.

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