Now I know a lot of people probably like this poor excuse for a song, but I can’t stand it! It almost sounds to me like Adele was forced to sing it! It’s one of many very poor Bond theme tunes. But when you have a film called Skyfall, how good can the theme song be? Overall the song is generally dreary, quite flat, and fairly repetitive. To fit in with the general ‘Bond theme’ pattern the lyrics are quite poor, and the song has been made out to be something it most certainly isn’t. I must admit my hatred for Heart FM, probably doesn’t help this songs case. They played it so much even the DJ’s were bored of it. I seem to remember Heart Breakfast South West had an ‘Adele Bell’, which they rang every time it was played. Yet another bell to add to the Heart FM team!

Here’s the song in full:

Sorry Adele, but this song is bloody awful!

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