Well Asda Living – the Asda version of Tesco Home, or so I thought. I popped to my local Asda Living in Bristol, and discovered how very wrong I was. I went in anticipation of buying some furniture, well what a schoolboy error. Everything they sell in Asda Living can be purchased in a normal Asda store!

I was expecting rows of televisions and expensive looking household items, but no it was like a normal Asda without food. I did confront the ‘colleague’ as they call themselves (you’re not an employee at Asda you’re a colleague, or more fitting – a nobody) and he told me “it’s not a normal Asda store, it’s different”. Except for the lack of food there is no difference between Asda Living and a normal Asda.

To be honest I hate Asda and everything about it. Ridiculous company policies, ridiculous stores and now this whole Asda Living thing. When you ask for something, they force the ‘colleague’ to walk you to it’s exact location. This means you have to spend more time trying to communicate with it. Just tell me where it is and fuck off. And no there is nothing else you can help me with, if there was I’d have asked you. I suppose Asda HQ is in Leeds, we should bear that in mind.

Also who is this George, whose name appears everywhere?

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