After a lengthy hiatus from this site, I am now back and will be starting to write again. Also looking for contributors, if you’re interested then get in touch at

It can’t just be me can it? It can’t just be me that just looks at things and people and thinks “piss off”. It can’t just be me who doesn’t watch crap on TV like The Kardashians or Big Brother. It can’t just be me who thinks that Premier League footballers need to stop falling over and acting like they’ve just lost a leg. It can’t just be me who gets annoyed with Jeremy Kyle and his bellend ways of dealing with arguments by having more arguments in front of an audience. It can’t just be me who just after writing this is already fed up with typing the words “it can’t just be me”.

If you’re normal you might enjoy this site, if you don’t and you’d rather tweet a photo of your dinner then #fuckoff.


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